About the Zenises Foundation

Over the years, witnessing numerous countries achieve industry transformations, we at Zenises have become more determined that this economic growth should not bypass the local people. Africa and the Indian subcontinent are just two examples of continents which have experienced tremendous recent growth but where great financial disparity remains. In creating and expanding The Zenises Foundation, we sought to create educational opportunities and improve the quality of life for the multiple impoverished communities that are in urgent need of investment be they in India or even in our home in Europe.


The Zenises Foundation charitable organisation was created before the Zenises Group manufacturing company even came into existence; it is the core philosophy and fundamental axis of the business. Zenises emphasises the importance of sustainable long term relationships rather than concentrating solely on profits. Money should really be treated as a vehicle; the true value of a company is in the benefit that it brings to those who really need it. The Zenises Foundation’s primary focus is to work with the local communities where Zenises Group operations are based, and potentially plant the seeds for community development across these countries as a whole. The Zenises Foundation aims to ensure children have a better future by providing access to a solid education to support their aspirations. Z Aspire, a branch of the Zenises Foundation based in the Indian sub-continent, works with underprivileged children of all ages – from primary school to university – ensuring that they receive not only an education but mentors to help them make the most of their opportunities. These mentors help students to realise their true potential and develop their skills, thus boosting their confidence in the process.


The Zenises Foundation runs programmes through India and Europe supporting children and young adults to help them reach their maximum potential. By adapting our approach to the needs of the individuals and communities with whom we are working, the Zenises Foundation are able to deal with issues hands on, immediately making improvements and ultimately maximising the project’s impact. The work of the Zenises foundation is fundamentally about helping improve lives. By taking a proactive interest in all of our projects across the Z Aspire, T OutReach and Westlake Wishes initiatives, we are able to avoid a “one-size fits all” approach.