A Helping Hand for the Highly Motivated

T OutReach has been established to identify and support good causes. As a ‘global citizen’ Zenises holds the belief that it should look to support local initiatives in each of the countries where it operates. This is the long-term aim of T OutReach.

T OutReach has already started activity in some countries such as the U.K. and South Africa. In South Africa we are working with PLEASE to develop a programme of specially-developed nutritionally balanced meals to children in a Johannesburg school. T OutReach is now further focusing on identifying further opportunities.


In the UK the Foundation has identified and began to support ben – the automotive industry charity. More information on BEN can be found on their website www.BEN.org.uk.
In South Africa we have worked with Please to develop a programme to feed especially developed nutritionally balanced meals to children in schools.


T OutReach is now focusing on identifying opportunities in each of the countries where Zenises operates. We are also developing our own initiavtes such as Next Gen Mentoring where see the opportunity to help especially cross border in the communities we operate in.

Another initiative that we’re also proud to support is our ‘Next Gen Mentoring’.


It’s becoming increasingly frustrating for graduates to find that first rung on the career ladder. For several years now, Zenises and its OuTreach foundation has participated in a mentoring programme whereby undergraduates have had the opportunity to live and work overseas with the Zenises Group in Dubai and South Africa. Not only does this allow students to experience first-hand experience in the world of business, it also gives them the opportunity to witness a new culture and the enrichment that comes from such a lifestyle change. T OuTreach will continue to identify opportunities to contribute to the community in each of the countries where Zenises operates.

Zenises Foundation undertook a porridge pot drop at the Kiddies’ Paradise School in Rosettenville, Johannesburg on 6th November 2015. Zenises Foundation will be providing 65 school children with a nutritious breakfast every school day for the next twelve months.