Welcome to Zenises Voyager

With Zenises Voyager, our ambition is not only to showcase our fantastic portfolio of products, but also to invite you to share our passion for luxury travel as we journey across the continents in search of amazing locations, wonderful experiences and sensory overloads.
We live in an exciting world of constant change and where new opportunities arise every day in our tyre business. A vibrant world full of possibilities. This is the thinking behind Zenises – firm in the belief that tyres are not just ‘black and round’. We aim to deliver tyre brands where typical perceptions on price, performance and brand quality are vigorously challenged.

Voyager Edition I

Welcome to the first Edition of Zenises Voyager.


In 2015, we’ve launched two new brands to address the shifting nature of the tyre market. Firstly there’s ‘Z’ – a true European high performance car and SUV tyre range to fit the very latest vehicle models, enhancing the driving experience and delivering ‘affordable luxury’. And secondly comes ‘T’ – a broad range of high quality car, van, SUV and winter tyres for the value conscious motorist.We also highlight Westlake – our global giant – now the world’s third largest producer of truck tyres and an increasingly recognised car tyre brand with a huge range of passenger, van and 4×4 tyres of great quality.But Zenises is not just about selling tyres. We also put our hard work to good use at the ‘Zenises Foundation’, helping not only those who have had a less fortunate start in life than us, but most importantly giving the opportunity for their talents to shine and to create a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.So come with us on the journey. Life is colored by new experiences and we’d love to share our Zenises adventures with you along the way.


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Voyager Edition II

Welcome once again to Zenises Voyager.


Noticeably fade, we can start to reminisce on the places we visited in 2015. As you browse this latest edition of Zenises Voyager, you can read about some of the destinations our team discovered such as the exotic island of Koh Samui, the luscious wine region of Spain’s La Rioja and the spectacular landscapes of South Africa.
We want to share these great memories with you hoping that you also had the opportunity to seek new experiences and adventures in2015. If not, it’s time to plan for 2016!
But we also know that the pace of business does not relent. 2015 is proving a turbulent year for the global economy and the tyre industry isn’t immune to these effects.
In this edition,we’ve included a couple of insightful articles highlighting two current themes in our industry – the environmental impact of economic development and online tyre selling. Zenises has also been busy on the road over recent months.
In May we attended Autopromotec at the Fiera Bologna, in June we exhibited at Porto’s expoMecânica and in July NTDA Zenises Golf Day at Brocket Hall near London. The timing of this latest edition of Zenises Voyager coincides with the re-launch of the NTDA National Tyre Conference in Birmingham sponsored by Zenises.
Again, we wantto demonstrate our commitment to the development of understanding in the tyre industry by helping bring together delegates from UK and beyond to gain greater awareness and knowledge of our industry. We’ll also be hosting the drinks reception for the NTDA dinner and Tyre Industry. Awards 2015, as well as sponsoring two of the individual presentations. So join us in Birmingham or, if not, come with us on a journey through these pages where we hope to inform, delight and inspire you.


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Voyager Edition III

Welcome to this third edition of Zenises Voyager.


A timely feature highlights the beautiful city of Oxford. Not only is it a great place to visit at any time of the year – always buzzing with life and learning – but it also holds a special place in our hearts due to the work we’ve been supporting there through the Zenises Foundation. Read on to discover more about the incredible institutions and people we assist. We also want to show you how Zenises is expanding our business across the world. Now with a growing presence in over 20 countries, our mission is to ensure we source a superior value/quality tyre service that’s right for your long-term business.


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Voyager Edition IV

Welcome to the fourth edition of Zenises Voyager.


We continue to live in interesting tyre times. On the surface, many tyre makers continue to report strong profits – but these bottom line results mask stagnant or declining top line sales growth. So some major legacy manufacturers seem to be taking a route they largely abandoned just over a decade ago – buying distribution channels. From being out of favour in the 90s when many manufacturers sold off their ‘non-core’ assets, retail and wholesale channels are now back in fashion. Is this an attempt to ‘circle the wagons’ against new competitors? That’s why in this latest edition of Voyager, alongside our exciting tyre news, we’re contributing to this dialogue about where our industry is heading. But we’re still keen to highlight more wonderful destinations where our tyres can take you! This time we head to romantic Prague. Regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, the stylish capital of the Czech Republic is brimming with grand historical and cultural sights. And more off the beaten track we head across Africa to Mozambique – where white sandy beaches and clear blue reef waters provide some amazing holiday memories.
The world around us continues to change at a pace and it’s important that innovation and new ideas ?ourish. Whether it be travel or tyres, even as others look to do the same over again or stick with the status quo, Zenises aims to be at your side – looking forward to a better future.


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Voyager Edition V

Welcome to the fifth edition of Zenises Voyager.

We recently travelled with many of our Westlake European partners to Delhi. For most, this was their first time to the Indian sub-continent and it’s always wonderful to welcome ‘newbies’ to this vibrant culture of 1.3 billion inhabitants. Not only is it an introduction to the sights and sounds of one of the world’s largest and most densely populated cities, it’s also an opportunity for visitors to see the pace of economic development taking place. Hundreds of millions of mobile phones now in use with most smartphones connected to the internet 24/7. Fashion, music and cinema also create a selfconfident nation looking to re-shape the 21st century. But beneath the surface of modern India, there still exist many problems caused by social issues and deprivation. This is where the Zenises Foundation steps in – to try to improve the lives of hundreds of children. The Zenises team took the opportunity to find out more by making a personal connection with many of the children during our time in India. You can read more in this issue of Voyager, but it really motivates us to do business better when we know that our Foundation also benefits from the daily operations of the Zenises Group. And it’s not only in India. In Europe too we support youth activity in many areas, especially through team sport. In the United Kingdom, we work very closely with St. Peter’s College at Oxford University across a number of charitable initiatives to assist the very best students with their studies and future direction. Why not find out more by taking a look at our latest Oxford video hosted on the Zenises YouTube channel? So in times when there is growing talk of conflict, trade tariffs and building walls, Zenises continues to reach out across the world to assist those less fortunate because it is through the power of greater learning and understanding that disagreements of the future will be addressed. We hope you enjoy reading this new issue and that you understand that for Zenises, how we do business is, ultimately, determined by the greater question of why we do business.

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