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Z Tyre wants to ensure that all our children have a bright future. We believe that a solid education is a key to that future and as such as have created the Z Aspire foundation to support the aspirations of our children.


In the Indian sub-continent, Z Aspire works with underprivileged children to ensure participation in learning at all levels – from primary through to Masters degree level. Z Aspire currently runs an in-house programme that consists of providing an educational adoption for disadvantaged children.


The Z Aspire team based in India identifies and follows up with children from the age of three onwards to ensure that not only are they provided with an education but monitors them to ensure that they are making the best of the opportunities afforded to them. The team also mentors these children helping them to discover their own creative potential, develop their skills and build their confidence.


We have had many success stories that inspire the Z Tyre team to grow this programme. Z Aspire runs programmes in the Indian sub¬continent and Europe to support education of children and young adults.
Inspiration comes from stories such as Gurpreet´s.

Supporting educational causes


Gurpreet’s Story

One of those stories is that of Gurpreet Kaur. Her father abandoned her and her little sister as children because he could no longer afford to look after them. She was split up from her sister and went to live with an aunt. She had no hope or future as her family could not afford to feed her.


The Z Aspire team met her and adopted her and mentored her. Through the strength of her spirit, Gurpreet pushed herself on and graduated not only from school and university but is now also completing a Masters degree.


She has established a career in the IT industry and is now a young lady of independent means. In her spare time she writes poetry, pursues her passion for photography and also blogs on a variety of subjects.


Being the first person from her village to attend university, Gurpreet now acts as an inspiration to other youngsters in the value of education to break the cycle of poverty.Being the first person from her village to attend university, Gurpreet now acts as an inspiration to other youngsters in seeking to better their own lives and that of their family network

Hand in Hand

Z Aspire aims to involve the whole of the Z Tyre family. Board members meet with these children and their families on a regular basis and ensure that they being mentored properly and personally monitor their educational performance.


During their education process, these children are given the opportunity to benefit from an international work placement within the Z Tyre family on a fully paid basis.


After this professional stint, they are offered the chance to join the Training & Development Programme which includes on ­the ­job and factory training. Those who successfully complete the programme are then guaranteed jobs at an international level within the Z Tyre family.


Whilst Z Aspire supports communities in the developing world, we also recognize that talent knows no boundaries, and that there are talented young people that require our support in the developed world as well.

University of Oxford

St Peter Boat with logo.jpg Z Aspire works with the University of Oxford in many different ways to support educational needs. Z Tyre is the only tyre company in the world to have endowed a chair at Oxford’s St Peter’s College. The current recipient of the Z Aspire Endowment is Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, a specialist in developmental politics.


Z Aspire also supports three individual scholarships at the University. These scholarships are in musical disciplines, as we believe it’s very important for young people to nurture their creative potential and their artistic skills.


Z Aspire has helped found and sponsor the Careers Society at St Peter’s College at the University of Oxford. Given the rigorous professional environment that currently exists in global enterprise, students need to be well prepared when entering the job market and this society helps with this goal.


Z Aspire also supports students by arranging internships for students seeking to broaden their international perspectives. In addition to providing these students with international work experience, Z Aspire fully contributes to their travel and accommodation costs whilst they work in various locations around the world.


Finally, realizing that education does not end in the classroom, Z Aspire is also a proud supporter of the rowing club at St Peter’s College. We believe that sports excellence allows teamwork to flourish – a key requirement in today’s corporate world.