Zenises, Z Tyre and Westlake Star in ‘Grand Tour’ Finale

During a record-breaking run, in which Jeremy Clarkson’s Grand Tour smashed Amazon Prime’s viewer streaming record, Zenises was delighted to help the world’s number one car show end its first series on a high.

Launching the final show from a spectacular setting in front of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, Clarkson introduced the Guinness record-breaking diamond and gold encrusted Z Tyre to the studio audience – a unique set of tyres designed and crafted in the United Arab Emirates.

The show, and series, concluded with a high octane report from Richard Hammond in which he experienced the adrenalin rush of drifting alongside the lead driver of Acorn Zenises Motorsport, Steve ‘ Baggsy’ Biagioni.  Baggsy and Hammond first headed to the Ladoux Test Centre in France to practice and refine the driving techniques used by professional drifters.

With Hammond already experienced in power-sliding some of the world’s most impressive cars, it was then time for Baggsy to teach him how to apply these techniques to competitive drifting using the specially adapted Zenises motorsport car, as usual fitted with Westlake RS Sport tyres. With the crash course complete, the next stop would be the U.K.’s famous Rockingham Motor Speedway to put these newly learnt skills to the test in a judged drift competition against Bartosz Ostałowski from Poland and Conor Shanahan from Ireland. Much to the surprise of Hammond the competition was tough, with Ostałowski famously drifting with only his legs (after losing his arms in a motorcycle accident) and Conor Shanahan being only 13 years of age!

Baggsy commented: “To have the opportunity to feature on ‘The Grand Tour’ was a dream come true. Richard and all the crew behind the scenes were an absolute pleasure to work with.  It was great to push the sport of drifting into the mainstream and boost its profile. I have to give a big thank you to all those involved, especially to Zenises and Westlake”.

The final episode of ‘Grand Tour’ Series One is now live and streaming on Amazon Prime.