Zenises Teams Up with Italian Partners

From 10-12 September, Zenises welcomed a growing number of Italian partners and families to the tip of Sicily and the fabulous seaside resort of Mazara del Vallo. Following Autopromotec 2015 and the previous event held in historic Rome, the expansive strategy plotted by Zenises has now attracted a larger collaborative group of regional Italian tyre businesses capable of thinking ‘outside the box’ and a desire to work with brands that aim to break the mould of the traditional tyre industry.

A total of almost 40 people attended the event and received first-hand news about how Zenises plans to assist them in growing sales into 2017. But the company also stressed its collaborative approach and was also impressed by the quality of local initiatives already put in place by its partners to promote and expand future business.

“These meetings are important because they allow an exchange of ideas and because we can hear directly from our partners what are their needs and how we can help them grow and be more competitive in the market,” commented Zenises CEO Harjeev Kandhari. “Today we live in a rapidly developing sharing culture, and it’s important that dialogue is always open in both directions.”

Discussions also turned to how this co-operation can be adapted to more general automotive business to take advantage of local knowledge and Zenises’ global reach and expertise.

“The European market is changing,” confirmed Jorge Crespo (Zenises General Manager Europe), “and it has changed more in the past two to three years than in the previous thirty. For this we need people who know how to think different, who are positive and have confidence in the future. ”

The event lasted several days at the luxurious resort hotel of Giardino di Costanza and each afternoon and evening the group had the chance to bond and enjoy a host of enjoyable activities in the late summer ambience. With music from a live band, everyone was in good spirits (even dancing on the beach) and the music continued in the historic Antico Borgo Marinaro restaurant until the early hours.