Z Tyres – Now From Just €4.99

London, 13 April, 2016 – If you’re ready to entertain a new way to keep your customers moving, then Z Tyre’s latest initiative could be the most exciting news you’ll hear about in the tyre industry.

Before getting into the details of what could be a remarkable evolution in tyre supply and usage, we’d like to ask if the following challenges resonate;

  1. When purchasing new tyres many customers find the high initial one-off cost prohibitive.
  2. For many drivers the purchase of new tyres hardly ever occurs at the ideal time (often when finances are low or under pressure), reducing their opportunities to purchase based on other factors than cost (aesthetics, performance or expert recommendation).
  3. Cash flow and business income is frequently erratic and hard to forecast – based on the unpredictable purchasing needs and wants of customers.

A new method of solving these challenges has just been launched in Germany and it’s known as the ‘Z Tyre Flat Rate’ subscription. In simple terms it’s a new way to effectively use tyres for the maximum driving results.

Based on a small monthly subscription, all new tyre related costs are covered which means the customer can fit or upgrade his/her tyres and then drive away with a renewed peace of mind.

There are a number of advantages to this new contract method. Firstly ‘distressed’, short-term, cost-based decision-making can be eliminated allowing the driver to obtain the maximum tyre performance possible from the retailer with the bonus of reviewing what’s the most suitable tyre option – as opposed to simply looking for the lowest cost purchase.

Secondly; the trust the tyre dealer gains from offering this approach allows the building of a better relationship with motorists and help guide them to make qualified purchases which are often more appropriate to circumstances.

Thirdly; the monthly contract method assists the retailer in becoming a one-stop shop, from professional consultation and the offering of the tyre flat rate subscription, to fitting and other tyre-related services.

Z Tyre also envisages the likelihood of creating predictable long-term repeat buyers who regard the retailer more as a professional adviser on tyres rather than a place of last-minute, low cost infrequent distress purchases.

This could represent an exciting and substantial commercial shift for the tyre trade.

So how did the Z Tyre flat rate subscription method come about?

During a brainstorming session between two entrepreneurs in Spain during summer 2015, an idea was born based on the concept of ‘providing perpetual motion’. Emerging from the combined experiences of the tyre and IT industries, the flat rate subscription method became a reality.

At its core is the ‘clever use’ of tyres.

As we all know, anyone who drives a car needs tyres. The question posed is …why should we have to own them? Just like, for example, mobile phones, tyres are consumable items. Why then should you buy and replace them if you could also have the constant use of tyres via an easy low-cost monthly subscription model?

The Z Tyre Flat Rate subscription method aims to be different and works this way; as the tyres near the wear limit, usually around 2mm of tread depth, they simply get replaced with new ones. This means the customer always has tyres with sufficient tread – recognised as a critical vehicle safety feature.

This also allows the customer to gain maximum driving benefit by being able to have an affordable way to the most current tyre replacement product specifications so they can be sure to be using the latest ‘cutting edge’ of tyre technology.

In practical terms, instead of making a ‘distress purchase’ the customer can comfortably pay for tyres with a flat rate monthly tyre subscription with consistently affordable low instalments.

Plus, there’s no additional price hike for using this method – the customer does not pay more than if they’d bought the tyres today in a single purchase.

In addition, discerning motorists often like to fit a wider tyre fitment onto their car. Research has shown that 17, 18, 19 and 20 inch tyres are widely viewed as aspirational. But they are also more expensive.

The reality is that ‘premium’ tyres cost more money. But with the higher costs of such tyres, many motorists have little option but to look to buy more cost-effective alternatives, with potential reductions in safety and comfort.

1 Additional Euro = 1 Additional Inch!

For those Z Tyre customers in Germany who want to drive on larger and higher performance tyres the substantial additional costs previously preventing this have been vastly reduced… if not eliminated entirely.

With the new monthly subscription model the customer can get one inch more of rubber for only one Euro more. So the difference between a 17 inch and a 19 inch tyre is only 2 Euros more per month, meaning the sportier and larger tyres are now affordable for very little extra expense.

With the new Z performance tyre range having excellent EU label values (such as class B in both wet grip and rolling resistance), this allows savvy drivers to drive on great quality tyres, giving peace of mind and security in all road conditions.

Z Tyre envisages this new flat rate subscription model will really assist German motorists, providing them with the additional comfort of not having to think about all the worrying aspects of replacing tyres.

Alzura Z – At the Forefront of the Z Tyre Flat Rate

This new subscription model is currently being offered in Germany through Alzura Z and their 600 partner stores nationwide. Should there be any problem, for example a flat tyre, customers can be instantly identified as a Z tyre subscriber with their Alzura Z Tyre membership. This entitles them to receive reliable, fast and efficient support with their Z tyres – as well as being the first point of contact for tyre inspection, refitting and storage.

Key to the effectiveness of this subscription model are the local Alzura retail partners who will become a full-service centre for the Z Tyre tyres subscription model.

This service includes the support of a local consignment stock warehouse to ensure rapid and constant availability of Z tyres.  After booking an appointment with the customer, the retailer has the tyre size and specification details – even before the driver arrives.

The tyre subscription model eliminates the financial headache of having to purchase and stock tyres, with the Z Tyre central warehouse in Germany supplying the selected tyre within 24 hours.

Because the Z-Stores receive ongoing revenue from the subscription method, they can also count on a regular income in times of fluctuating work, which, in turn, helps them to cover any monthly fixed costs and relieve any unwanted financial cash flow pressure.