Z Tyre Subscription Scheme

In early 2016 Z Tyre launched one of the most innovative programmes in the tyre business – the ‘Z Tyre Flat Rate Programme’.


Instead of paying for tyres immediately in one single payment, the Flat Rate Programme allows the driver to enjoy the ongoing benefit of Z Tyres as a monthly subscription tyre service. As the slogan announced, “Drive for as much as you want for just €4.99 per month!”


After an extremely busy debut year, Z Tyre has now further lowered the monthly fee. With combined summer and winter tyre subscriptions now starting from an eye-catching €2.99 euros per month, the driver has the freedom to use high performance tyres all year round for a small regular outlay.


Over the initial weeks of the new programme, the Z Store network attracted over 400 dealers in Germany. And with the continuing positive take up and interest, the Flat Rate Programme is now limiting membership there to 700 stores (together with the recent introduction of a small monthly charge for new members). These accredited dealers benefit from a guaranteed margin for each tyre sold and certainty on Z Tyre market pricing.


Z Tyre is now planning to introduce further exciting consumer-focussed innovations into the traditional tyre business with a focus on the use of mobile/online services.