Introducing Z-Elematics


We’ve come a long way from the age of the ‘tachograph’. Telematics now unlocks the power of mobile data to combine ‘Telecommunications’ and ‘Informatics’ and utilizes global positioning systems (GPS) technology to send, receive and store vehicle information. ‘Z-Elematics’ is Zenises’ own telematic fleet control system, designed to track the location, movement, status and behaviour of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles.


Z-Elematics is designed to integrate GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and mobile devices. And in addition to location data, Z-Elematics provides additional real time fleet information. When does a vehicle start up and shut down? What’s the exact location and speed? This information gives complete, up-to-the-minute knowledge of fleet activities in an easy to manage, web-based interface.


Z-Elematics helps to:
Increase Productivity
– Monitor driver behaviour and set individual ratings
Reduce Labour Costs
Control Fuel Costs
Improve Customer Service
Increase Fleet Safety and Security
– Speed and road analysis, including customised location speed limits
Environmentally Friendly
– Optimise vehicle and fuel usage
Reduce Operating Expenses
– Set maintenance reminders based on time in use or engine hours
Reduce Unauthorised Vehicle Use
….and boost your bottom line


Let Z-Elematics be your trusted partner – when safety, efficiency and performance matter.