The Zenises battery range aims to offer a comprehensive coverage for conventional automotive applications. Designed to suit the high demands of modern vehicles, Zenises demonstrates a strong commitment to safety and to the latest OEM vehicle standards.


All Zenises batteries are tested to EN50342 standard (to a temperature of -18c degrees) and adhere to all regulations for the European market. The manufacturing process is completely automated and monitored. After the assembly process, the batteries are stored in an ‘inactive’ green state. ‘Green’ batteries are only charged when each customer order is placed. In this way, Zenises always assures batteries are delivered in a fully charged condition.


Zenises is also strongly committed to the correct and efficient use of the world’s natural resources. The battery manufacturing process benefits from the application of a photovoltaic system to produce eco-friendly electric energy and reducing annual CO2 emissions by over 900 tons. All lead used to produce new batteries is obtained from scrapped batteries.


Whether the vehicle is equipped with the latest ‘start-stop’ technology or is a heavy duty commercial vehicle relying on a long life battery to operate in all temperatures and conditions, trust Zenises to provide both the service and the solution.









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